The (LPN Act) and (Regulations) provide the legal framework for the profession of practical nursing in Prince Edward Island. They grant PEILPNRB its authority to regulate practical nurses in the interest of the public.

In accordance with the LPN Act, PEILPNRB is authorized to;

  • assess applications and decide if applicants qualify for registration,
  • maintain a register of registered practitioners and issue licenses,
  • prescribe approved training programs and other initial and continuing qualifications for registration,
  • prescribe standards of practice and ethical guidelines for LPNs and
  • monitor adherence to established standards and guidelines, ensure that complaints are investigated, and exercise discipline or remediation of licensed practical nurses by revocation, restriction or suspension of a license, by reprimand, retraining requirement, fine or other means.

The Regulated Health Professions (RHPA) is umbrella legislation that will eventually govern all regulated health professions in Prince Edward Island. It does not yet apply to practical nursing, but soon will. PEILPNRB has begun the processes necessary to transition to the RHPA. In the interim, the LPN Act will continue to govern the profession.