Continuing Competence

Lifelong learning is essential to a nurse’s continuing competence.

PEILPNRB exists to ensure that Prince Edward Island LPNs retain and continuously build upon their knowledge, judgment and skill. The program also ensures that LPNs remain up-to-date on evolving evidence and best-practice in their field. This contributes to high-quality, safe care for Islanders.

PEI LPNs maintain and build their competence by:

  • maintaining a professional portfolio,
  • applying their knowledge, judgment and skill through active practice
    (Maintain 1,000 practice hours over 5 years or 500 hours of practice in a single consecutive period in the previous two years.)
  • completing self-assessments
  • developing personal professional learning plans, and
  • meeting their learning goals.

All LPNs participate in these activities every year to maintain their registration with the PEILPNRB.